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Currently are there any kinds of incentive for the installation of solar thermal systems?

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Currently are there any kinds of incentive for the installation of solar thermal systems?

It is possible to obtain a tax deduction of the costs incurred for the completion of the system (including the gas condensing water heater in the case that an old one must be replaced) for a value equal to 55%, to be distributed over 3 years (1/3 per year). The calculation of the deduction is made on the total cost with VAT included together with the installation and energy certification (a fundamental requisite to be eligible for the deduction). There are also regional and local incentives, but these vary from region to region.

Installing solar thermal panels is a private choice with benefits for all of society. Each real estate owner evaluates the installation of solar collectors based on the economic advantage that it achieves. It is a private choice that relieves the State of its energy dependence and reduces the import of gas and oil. The use of panels also reduces public sanitation costs or environmental costs needed to repair damages provoked by pollution. It is therefore rational that the State provides incentives for the purchase of solar panels with contributions of financial support and the abolition of tax on the private expense. Periodically, the Regions announce opportunities for grants towards the installation of thermal collectors. We recommend consulting your Region’s website.

Fortunately, the purchase price of a solar thermal panel is not so high. Even in the absence of regional contributions, we recommend evaluating the installation of a solar thermal system.

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