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Produzione di pannelli solari termici

Ideasol realizza innovativi pannelli solari termici per la produzione di acqua calda sanitaria ad uso domestico.

Solar Thermal Energy

L’irraggiamento solare in Italia

It is based on the principal of direct heating of a liquid, usually water and glycol, which is present inside the tubes of a solar panel.

Solar thermal technology transforms the energy emitted by the sun into thermal energy, or heat, which can then be utilized for the heating of domestic hot water (DHW), the heating of rooms and the heating of swimming pools.

This technology, which has been proven for years, permits the satisfaction of 70-80% of the annual need of domestic hot water. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the solar panels into the heating system of the house, which could lead to a saving in expenses equal to 20-40%, depending on the type of system used.

As far as the production of hot water is concerned, during the winter period it is brought to a certain temperature anyway, and therefore arrives to the hot water heater already pre-heated, with a consequent reduction of expenses.

During the hotter period, on the other hand, the sun-heated water does not require the intervention of the hot water heater, thus permitting a total saving.

L’irraggiamento solare in Italia

Solar radiation varies depending on climatic conditions and on the latitude where a given country is located. The nearer to the poles a country is, the less quantity of solar energy there is to be “captured”.

Italy, thanks to its excellent solar exposure, is among the European countries where solar thermal energy has the potential for enormous growth. (The radiation value is between 1200 and 1750 kWh/m2 per year). Nevertheless, even if geographic and meteorological conditions are favorable in our country, the solar energy market has not yet established itself when compared to that of other European nations such as Austria and Germany, which have geographic potential that is inferior to ours.

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